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The roots of GenXLabs were planted in 1979.  Christina Whitford Copella has owned and operated her supplement business since the earliest chapters of the fitness industry's history.  Her formulations have become industry standards beginning with BCAAs and Amino Acids and continuing to the proven products of GenXLabs.  She has more than 35 years of experience in the retail industry, with expertise spanning several categories of consumer products, including:  sports nutrition, dietary supplements, and skincare.  Over the years, Christina has Creatived organizations such as: Healthy Haven Health Store and Juice Bar in Torrance, Ca, Christina's Body and Fitness and Sportelesis Training and Gym Center in Long Beach, Ca, Perfect Body Parts Skin Care, Health and Beauty Supplements, Body and Fitness Supplements, Author of Diets Don't Work and Anabolic, Training and Nutrition Handguide 

GenXLabs customers can be found in every segment of the population and the highest levels of professional sports.  The current products deliver results because they are effective formulas.  While others rush products to market, Christina has spent up to two years optimizing a product for results.

GENXLABS is a family of products carefully formulated to work with each other to optimize results. After all, isn't that why you take supplements? As you examine the GENXLABS products, you will see suggested combinations or sequences for specific or enhanced results. You select the product or set of products that help you achieve your individual goals.

While our products represent the neXt generation of fitness supplements, their foundation is firmly anchored in the past.

We support our customers and our retailers.  If you have questions, contact us via chat or e-mail and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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